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Highest quality plant food ingredients that make up strong, stable, fully chelated metal bonds.

  • Efficient way of correcting and preventing micronutrient deficiencies by improving the bioavailability of micronutrients to the plant.
  • Consists of three different chelation options:

Sodium Glucoheptonate – natural sugars

Citrate – a weak organic acid derived from citric acid

EDTA (Ethylenediamintetraacetic acid) – synthetic organic acid


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Foliar & Soil-Applied Nutritionals


Reg #NameTurfAgAnalysisLabelSDS
904203500-0-0  1.5Mg   3.5Fe   .75Mn   .75Zn   .05Cu   .10B   .001Mo   4.2s 

90427MZF0-0-0  2.0Mn   1.6Fe   2.4Zn   3.0s 

90438Mag 4%0-0-0  4.0Mg   5.0s

90439Iron Plus12-0-0  2.0Mn   6.0Fe   4.0s

90459Calcium 8%0-0-0  8.0Ca 

90474400 High Mn0-0-0  1.0Mg   4.0Mn   3.0Fe   5.0s 

90483Iron 5%0-0-0  5.0Fe   2.75s 

90566Manganese 5%0-0-0  5.0Mn   2.75s 

90884Zinc 7%0-0-0  7.0Zn   3.0s

90931909310-0-0  1.0Mg   4.0Mn   3.0Fe   .02Zn   .02B   5.0s 

90935Hi-Iron0-0-0  2.0Mn   6.0Fe   4.0s 

90956511 Paspalum0-0-0  4.5Mn   1.0Zn   1.0Cu   3.5s 

909803250-0-0  3.15Mg   2.0Fe   1.0Mn   0.4Zn   5.75s

911414454-0-0  0.4Mg   4.0Mn   4.0Zn   0.5Fe   .05B 

91223912230-0-0  0.5Mg   2.4Mn   4.5Fe   4.25s  

91341913410-0-0  3.0Mg   2.5Mn   .2Fe   .2Zn   .01Cu   .1B   .001Mo   5.0s 

913677-0-77-0-7  .75Mg   .2Fe   .25Mn   .25Zn   .02B   .001Mo   .35s    

91419CSL 70-0-0  1.5Mg   3.5Fe   .75Mn   .75Zn   .05Cu   .1B   .001Mo   4.0s 

92420Cal-Bor3-0-0  0.5Mg   3.0Ca   1.0B

92429Calcium Ligno0-0-0  4.4Ca   5.8s

92555IRON Citrate0-0-0 6Fe 3.2s

97546Mn Citrate 6500-0-0 6.5Mn

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